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An intermediate class utilizing the breath to link postures for a substantial warm up, flow, and cool down. Grounding sequences and the use of modifications and props make this class accessible for all practitioners. Students at all skill levels will build strength, refine their alignment, and improve balance.


Strengthening the core improves stability, general posture, overall mobility, and balance. The primary portion of the class focuses on building core strength, while the second portion focuses on deep stretching and restorative postures to open the areas of the body which were strengthened earlier in class. All levels are welcome!


An accessible mid-paced yoga practice designed to tone and stretch the whole body. Poses are held as attention is brought to the quality of both breath and body alignment. This class is suitable for beginners or experienced practitioners looking for a slower tempo than Vinyasa. All levels are welcome!


A challenging and dynamic class with intentionally constructed flow sequences. Emphasis is given to sun salutations as well as other standing and strengthening poses. Classes vary between instructors and often include inversions, backbends, or arm balances. A reasonable level of fitness and experience with yoga is required. Be prepared to sweat.


Connect to your community through yoga! This class is open to all levels and fitness abilities. Minimum $5 suggested donation.


A perfect class for beginners, regular practitioners, and those looking for a slower paced, relaxed approach to yoga. The body is given adequate time to both soak in the variety of basic, modified, and/or restorative postures as well as rest in between them. Those with chronic muscle tightness or recent injuries will find calming relief in this easeful class.


Experience gentle -often reclined - poses held for an extended period of time. The use of props, visualization, and hands-on assists allow for a more profoundly relaxing experience in which practitioners can experience a greater depth of awareness. Minimum $5 suggested donation. 


Utilizing breath work and props, outwardly static yet surprisingly intense postures are held for extended time to release and heal the connective tissue in the body. Yin is an excellent complement to a more athletic practice and can help increase flexibility, alleviate chronic muscle tightness, and move past mental barriers. All levels are welcome!

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