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  1. Create an account with MindBody if you don't have one, and be sure that the email associated with your MindBody account is correct.

  2. Register for classes online or the MindBody app at least 45 minutes before class start time. This is the only way you’ll get the link to attend class!

  3. Online classes are $10 per class. Right now, we are freezing all class passes and monthly unlimited passes. All proceeds for these classes will go to benefit the studio. However, if you are experiencing financial hardship, please use the FLY Family pricing option at check out. 

  4. You will receive an email from Frog Lotus with a link to the class about 15-30 minutes before class starts, so please be on the lookout in your email inbox! If you can’t find it, look in Promotions/Spam/etc.

  5. Click the link in the email. If you don’t have Zoom already, it will prompt you to download it (a very quick, free, and simple process). 

  6. Check out this brief video for how to join a Zoom meeting if you have never used this platform.

  7. There will be an opportunity to visit with the teacher and other students before class starts.

  8. Hover your cursor over the “…” on the teacher’s video and click “pin video.” This will make sure that the teacher’s video stays the largest on your device.

  9. The teacher will mute everyone during class to reduce distractions.

  10. We will be providing a Spotify playlist that you are welcome to play on another device when class begins --you will be muted, so no one else will be able to hear! If you have never used Spotify, download the app on your mobile device or click here to use on your internet browser. Otherwise, feel free to play your own music in the background if you wish.


If you have your own props at home, feel free to use them! If you don't, feel free to use items around the house!

  • Instead of yoga blocks: books, a stool, cans of soup

  • Yoga Blankets: bath towels, blankets

  • Bolster: pillows, cushions

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